The Peanut Company of Australia (PCA) processes and markets high quality, Hi Oleic peanuts and peanut products.

We’re Australia’s leading supplier of peanuts to domestic and overseas customers, processing thousands of tonnes of peanuts each season.

PCA was established in Queensland, Australia in 1924 as the Peanut Marketing Board (PMB). We pioneered the industry and we’re still leading the way, setting international benchmarks in quality, production and market development. As one of the world’s leading exclusive processors of Hi Oleic peanuts our trading partners include some of the world’s leading food manufacturers.

PCA is involved with all aspects of the peanut processing value-chain from developing new peanut crop varieties to drying and shelling, grading, blanching, sorting, roasting and granulating the final product.

PCA is currently implementing a significant change process which will ensure continued alignment with the marketplace and will deliver improvements to key business activities.

PCA operations are based in Kingaroy, Gayndah and Tolga.

PCA has invested in world class know-how and intellectual property in research and development of new peanut varieties.

The cultivars developed in this program provide PCA with a strong competitive advantage with associated improved farm yields enabling Australian farmers to remain price competitive relative to imported peanuts. PCA continues to develop an exciting new range of cultivars that are Hi Oleic, high-yielding, multiple disease resistant with a range of maturities.

Hi Oleic peanuts have a different oil chemistry to regular peanuts. They still taste great – just like old-fashioned peanuts – but the oleic acid ratio more closely resembles that of olive oil. This naturally bred characteristic makes Hi Oleic peanuts a healthier option and they stay fresher for longer, a definite advantage for our customers!

PCA is a dynamic, professional organisation that is continually evolving to provide innovative peanut solutions to our customers in line with global trends.

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