Download a copy of the Company Constitution as amended October 2013 (480kb)

PCA 2013 Constitution (480kb)

Common Shareholder Forms

As a service to shareholders, we’ve made some of the most commonly requested forms available for download

Shareholder Change of Details Form (14kb) Use this form to alter address and/or banking details

Consolidation of Shareholdings (14kb) Use this form to consolidate present holdings registered in exactly the same name into one. Send this form and relevant share certificates to Link Market Services Ltd (see address below). You cannot use this form to consolidate holdings in different names. An Australian Standard Transfer is required for such a transaction and it may have taxation consequences.

Declaration of Lost Scrip (15kb) Use this form when certificates have been lost or destroyed

Transfer Form For Non-Market Transactions (175kb) Use this form when transferring securities in a listed or unlisted company/trust or corporation.

 NB: Stamp Duty is not applicable to transfers which took effect from January 1, 2007.

Upon completion of these forms, mail to:

Link Market Services Ltd
Attention: Bee-Yen Nah
GPO Box 2537
Brisbane, Qld, 4001